DIY: Super Unique Gift Ideas to Make for Coffee Lovers

I don’t know about you, but most of this year has dragged by and felt super long. But now, suddenly, Halloween has long-since passed, Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is right around the corner!

As a coffee lover who comes from a family of coffee lovers and has many coffee-loving friends, I often find myself looking for unique gifts for coffee lovers. In my gift-finding endeavors, I’ve come across several ideas for homemade gifts that are unique, special, and incredibly affordable (since you mainly just need supplies and are putting in the work yourself).

I’ve tried a few of the ideas I’ve come across, and – especially given everything that’s been going on this year and the financial hardships that many of us are experiencing – I wanted to share my experiences and other ideas with you. Continue reading “DIY: Super Unique Gift Ideas to Make for Coffee Lovers”

How to Make a Latte at Home (Hot and Iced)

There are so many kinds of lattes out there! There are pumpkin spice and maple lattes in the fall, caramel and vanilla lattes year round, peppermint mochas, almond milk miels, and tea lattes to warm you up in the winter, herbal drinks like lavender lattes and chai lattes, and countless other flavors and flavor combinations.

These days, we can’t really hang out in our favorite java joints. Since most of us are therefore making and drinking our coffee at home, I think it’s the perfect time to make lattes more accessible to everyone. I want to show you all how simple they really are to make, and give you the information you need to make them from the comfort of your own home. Continue reading “How to Make a Latte at Home (Hot and Iced)”