Best Coffee Grinders Under $100

In my opinion, every coffee drinker should own – at the very least – some form of coffee maker, and a coffee grinder. It makes your coffee so much better! It brings out more flavor, it makes it super fresh-tasting, and whole bean coffee can be stored longer than already ground coffee can, so you can keep more on hand at a time and grind it when you’re ready to drink it.

There is an incredible range of products to choose from; you can get coffee grinders you have to wind by hand for under ten bucks, or you could spend significantly more on a fancy machine – some of which can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

While there are ridiculously expensive coffee grinders for sale out there, unless you’re opening up your own coffee-selling business, I don’t personally believe there’s any reason to spend that much on a coffee grinder.

I own three coffee grinders myself that are all at varying price points (though cost way less than those expensive models), and they all do the job perfectly fine, though I definitely do prefer the two that aren’t manual grinders.

If you don’t own a coffee grinder yet, or you’re looking to get one as a gift for someone, and want some guidance picking the right product, I’ve compiled the following list for you to compare manual grinders, electric grinders, and conical burr grinders at various price points, but all under $100. Continue reading “Best Coffee Grinders Under $100”