How to Get Into Coffee

I know – and have known – many people who weren’t coffee drinkers, but still needed a caffeine boost. Some of them rely on tea, but others drink less-healthy options, like soda or energy drinks, throughout the day. I know that a decent amount of those people wish they had a healthier alternative that still brought them the energy boost – like coffee.

I know other people who love the smell of coffee and wished they could get into it, but just don’t like the flavor and can’t get past that, much to their chagrin.

Like tea, beer, sharp cheese, and dark chocolate, coffee is most definitely an acquired taste. And – as with those delicious delicacies – I have found that the joy I get out of it now is well worth the relatively short period of time I spent getting into it.

So, today, I’m sharing how I got into coffee, and giving you advice and ideas for how you can get into it too, whatever your reason. Continue reading “How to Get Into Coffee”