Perfect Little Gifts: Stocking Stuffers for Coffee Lovers

Well, 2020 has certainly been a long year – but, the good news is, the holidays are almost here!

If you’re like me and haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, I did previously compile a list of 50 gift ideas for coffee lovers, and – if you’re looking for something more creative – an article with ideas for gifts you can make or partially make for those coffee-loving friends.

If you still need ideas for little gifts to stuff stockings (or just hand out) for your coffee-loving roommates, friends, and family members, then look no farther: I’ve compiled the following list of small gifts that make perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who enjoys coffee. They also have the potential to make up excellent and super unique coffee-themed gift baskets (maybe for coworkers, or that family gift exchange you don’t know what to bring to?). Continue reading “Perfect Little Gifts: Stocking Stuffers for Coffee Lovers”

What’s a Milk Frother & Which One Should I Buy?

What makes cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos that you buy in a coffee shop so different from the ones many people try to recreate at home is that they contain milk foam and milk froth instead of just regular milk. You can recreate this froth and foam – and subsequently recreate coffee shop classics – with devices called milk frothers. which are my number one recommended tool for any novice home-barista (excluding a coffee grinder, which I take a step further and recommend to every coffee drinker)
Continue reading “What’s a Milk Frother & Which One Should I Buy?”