Recommended Drip Coffee Makers

Since there’s no end in sight for the pandemic and many of us are still working from home, we’re making and drinking our own coffee more than ever before.

If you don’t already own a coffee maker, but you love coffee, I definitely recommend investing in either a drip coffee maker, a french press, or a pour-over, depending on how much coffee you drink every day. Investing in a coffee maker and making your own coffee at home will save you a lot of time and money that you otherwise would have spent buying already-made coffee our. Plus, reusing your own cups is much better for the environment than using a disposable cup – or multiple – every day.

I personally own all three: a french press, a drip coffee maker, and two cheap pour-overs. However, my default go-to maker (especially during the work week) is definitely my drip coffee maker, for two main reasons: its 12-cup capacity, and the programmable feature it offers that allows me to prepare my machine the night before and set it so that my coffee auto-brews in the morning, letting me wake up to a fresh pot of hot coffee every morning.

I see a lot of half-pot or 5-cup coffee makers on the market, but I am not recommending any of them here today because I personally don’t understand the appeal these mini-machines have. They make smaller pots of coffee, but the machines are often just as expensive as (or barely cheaper than) 12-cup coffee pots. You also don’t need to make the full 12-cup pot on coffee makers with that capacity – any decent 12-cup drip coffee maker should have clear measurements that make it easy to make 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cup pots. Even if I didn’t find it easy to get through a whole 12-cup pot myself, I’d always prefer having the option to make more coffee, especially for when/if I’m hosting guests.

Below, I will list, rate, and review my top drip coffee maker recommendations, starting with my most-highly recommended coffee maker. It’s from Black & Decker, and it’s the coffee maker I own and use regularly myself.

Affiliate Disclosure: I’ve attached links to the products I recommend here. It in no way affects your purchase price, but if you use the links I provide, you have a quick way to find the products I’m recommending, and I earn a small commission. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Black & Decker

I mention this machine first because it’s the coffee maker that I currently own, and I can’t recommend it enough. At $20, it’s super affordable, it has the programmable feature, it makes up to twelve cups of coffee at a time, and it’s lasted me years. It also automatically shuts off the warming plate after two hours and contains a drip-stop feature that’s supposed to let you steal a cup of coffee while the pot is still brewing without making a mess.

I don’t clean my machine nearly as often as I should, but – even going through numerous moves between dorm rooms, apartments, and, eventually, my current house – I’ve only had to replace it once in the last 8 years, and was still not completely necessary. After about five years of constant daily use, my old one was dirty and stained, and didn’t fill the carafe all the way, so I opted to replace it with a new one I promised myself I’d take better care of, and I haven’t had any issues with it in the three years I’ve had it.

My only complaint and the only reason it doesn’t have all 10 stars is that the drip-stop feature (where it’s supposed to pause brewing when you grab the carafe (before it’s done) and fill a cup) doesn’t work perfectly. It still stops dispensing coffee when I remove the carafe, but there’s usually a delay, so a little coffee often spills and gets burned on the hot plate underneath. I remedy this by doing it anyway and cleaning the machine after, setting the machine to auto-brew so it’s done brewing when I want it, or by just waiting for the coffee to be done before grabbing a cup.

I rate this machine at 9/10 stars, because – while it’s nothing crazy fancy – it has and does everything I need. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it works great. It also has 4.4/5 stars on Amazon our of 8,149 reviews, so clearly I am just one of many very satisfied customers.

Shardor Coffee Maker

This is another great, affordable, basic coffee maker. It’s a slight step up from the Black & Decker machine, but they also both have a lot in common with each other. The Shardor has all the features of the Black & Decker machine does: it has a drip-stop feature, it’s programmable, it has an easy-pour spout, its warming plate keeps the coffee hot for two hours after brewing before automatically shutting off, and it makes up to 12-cups of coffee.

What makes it a step up from the first machine, then, is that it also contains a feature where you can adjust the brew strength of the coffee you’re brewing, and that it always displays the strength/boldness of the coffee you’re brewing, the brew time, and the brew mode.

This machine has 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, our of 273 reviews. A common downside I found to this machine is that on some of them, condensation builds up inside the carafe when a fresh pot of coffee is brewed. The biggest issues people had with the machine sound like manufacture flaws that caused the coffee maker to either not work right away, or to break after a couple of months. Unhappy customers also complained that it is regular-sized (instead of brewing 12-15 cups, as the cheaper version of this machine is advertised to do), that they have had problems with the spout leaking, and that they are concerned that the handle feels too flimsy to support a full pot of coffee. I did find that Shardor products have a 2-year warranty and a 6-month “free replacement”, which should take care the vast majority of reported issues.

I give it 8/10 stars because people have reported these issues, but also because of the price. It’s still extremely affordable, and seems to be an excellent coffee maker for that low price. Like my first recommendation, it’s nothing exceptionally fancy, but does everything it needs to and has a few cool extra features.

Capresso Thermal Coffee Maker

You can find much pricier drip coffee makers on the market, but in my opinion, this is the highest-priced regular drip coffee machine that would be worth paying extra for; I don’t personally believe that any coffee maker that only brews drip coffee and costs more than this is worth it. I’m not alone in thinking that – this machine is the #1 rated coffee maker according to Business Insider and Find the Best.

What makes this coffee maker so special are the features it comes with – the thermal carafe, of course, but also a drip stop so you can pour yourself a cup mid-brew, special settings to easily brew 3 or 5 cups instead of 10, and a cord-concealment feature. The biggest stand-our features in my opinion are that it brews 10 cups in under 9 minutes, that it has a gold-tone filter that makes paper filters unnecessary, and that the water goes through a water filter before making it into your coffee.

This coffee maker’s reviews are outstanding on 1st in Coffee, where it’s lowest two reviews rate the machine 3/5 stars, and 60/69 reviews give it 5 stars. It has a slightly lower rating on Amazon – 3.7/5 stars. The big complaints I’ve found in the low reviews are that it has a shorter-than-ideal cord, issues with the coffee filter tray getting jammed, coffee not staying hot longer than an hour inside the carafe, some issues with the machine not working shortly after buying, and – if you manage to break the stainless steel carafe – it’s very expensive to replace.

All that said, Capresso does have a 1-year warranty on their products that should take care of most of those issues. I still give this coffee maker 9/10 stars, because of the sheer volume of highly-satisfied customers, its extra features, and its #1 ratings with Business Insider and Find the Best. The only reasons I’m not giving it the full 10 stars are the issues that have come up with the unsatisfied customers I mentioned above, and the price – especially of a replacement carafe, should you need it.

Keurig Duo Coffee Maker

I was initially very anti-keurig, for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because the plastic pods are expensive and super wasteful, and because you can only make one cup at a time (which is never enough for me). However, as new machines and different solutions – like the reusable filter/pods have come out, I’ve come around a bit more.

This machine is more expensive than all but the last coffee maker I’ve recommended here today, and I include it in this list because of its dual-functionality. This isn’t just a drip coffee maker – it’s a keurig and a drip coffee maker in one super nifty machine. If you feel like making specialty coffee or a single cup, it’s easy. If your partner wants a full pot of coffee instead, you can make both.

This machine is rated 4.4/5 stars on Amazon, out of 733 reviews. Some reviewers have reported having difficulties pouring coffee our of the carafe without it spilling, which might mean that the spout is a little funky. Other reviewers have reported manufacture flaws including missing parts, water leakage, and the machine stopping working within a few weeks.

What I would personally consider to be this machine’s biggest downside is that there is no programmable feature, so you can’t program the coffee to set to brew automatically in the morning. I give this coffee maker 8/10 stars for it’s great reviews, it’s dual-functionality. It doesn’t get all 10 stars because of its lack of a programmable feature and the difficulty I had in finding any warranty info.

I also want to note that there is also an upgraded version available that comes with a brew strength selector.


I want to close with a quick reminder that regular, thorough cleaning does wonders for extending the life of your drip-coffee maker. I also recommend using a paper filter even with the machines that have reusable filter baskets that mean you don’t need them, because it makes the filters easier to clean and keeps them nice much longer as well.

Do you already own a drip coffee maker? Do you own one of the ones I recommended, or something else? Do you recommend your coffee maker?

Please, comment below – let me know if there’s anything I missed, and share your best coffee-making experiences or horror stories!

12 Replies to “Recommended Drip Coffee Makers”

  1. Hi Jade,

    I’m not into coffee as such but reading your informative review – I find myself intrigued and wanting to own one of these brewing machines, much in the way you are drawn to candies at the till in a convenience store lol

    It is my dad who used to drink coffee a lot when I was younger. And even then, it was the instant coffee not the ones your brew:)

    But my wife does drink a fair bit so I will ask her if she’d like one of these for x-mas pressie as an excuse to but one:)


    1. Hi Femi,

      A coffee maker is an excellent Christmas gift for any coffee drinker, especially if they don’t already have one! I’m sure your wife will love it! 😀

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment!


  2. These are all extremely high-quality drip coffee makers. Drip coffee is not my favourite cup of coffee, but I agree with you that these machines are convenient. The best thing is, you can set it up on a specific time to start making coffee for you. I don’t own a drip coffee maker yet, but I would like to add it to my arsenal, and these are all awesome recommendations. Thanks for sharing! I love stovetop espresso made with Moka pot. Do you have a list of the best pots for stovetop coffee too?

    1. Hi Ivan,

      I definitely agree that drip coffee is the least tasty of the coffee types, but it is so very convenient! That’s actually why I haven’t upgraded my coffee maker yet – if I have the time, I just drink french press or pour-over instead. I think I’d always have to have at least a really cheap one on hand (like my current one) at least for guests and workdays when I don’t have time to sit down and enjoy my coffee.

      I don’t have a list of the best stovetop coffee pots yet, but I actually plan to make one! But first, I have to do some research, get one for myself, and experiment with it. Stay tuned for that, though!

      Thanks for the comment,

  3. Hi, Jade,

    Thank you for putting together this information, it’s super helpful.

    With the variety of products available nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to make a decision on your own.

    I like your number one recommendation here, I think it definitely worths a try!

    Keep up your amazing work!


    1. Hi Natalie,

      I’m glad you found my reviews helpful! It definitely takes a lot of research to know what the best options are out there – I certainly did a lot for this article, so knowing that it helped someone means a lot!

      Thanks for the comment,

  4. Hi Jade,

    I’m a HUGE fan of coffee that I went for barista courses to learn more about making artisanal coffee for myself! Personally own a Lelit espresso machine. And yes, saved so much more money and I get to enjoy my coffee fix any time. (Although buying this espresso machine burnt a rather huge hole in my pocket)

    Anyway, loved your reviews of the different drip coffees and I must say.. the first one you recommend seems to be good and trusty enough for me to have my fresh cuppa.


    1. Hi Sam,

      That’s so cool that you took barista courses to expand your own coffee knowledge! I love coffee so much, too!

      I do love having a trusty drip coffee maker and using my french press mainly when I have time and no guests, but I’m also planning on gibing making my own espresso another try (I had a Mr. Coffee espresso machine that did NOT work very well). I will look into the Lelit, thanks for mentioning it!

      And thanks for the comment!

  5. Such an excellent review on drip coffee makers. I used to use this type of coffee machine back in University and I remember it was sometimes hard to get a good, strong, coffee.
    With your recommendation, however, thigs would have been better.
    I would definitely go with Capresso Thermal Coffee Maker, it seems such a good choice.

    Thank you for this review.

    1. Hi Yoana,

      Thanks for the feedback! The Capresso Thermal Coffee Maker is an excellent choice! And I am very glad I got so lucky with my first coffee maker my freshman year (the Black & Decker one) – I think I have my mom and her horrible coffee pot to thank, as it made me want something at least a little better, with more features.

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. We recently replaced a more expensive unit with Shardor Coffee Maker because the old unit was impossible to clean. This unit is a bit on the lightweight side, however, the coffee is very good. It has a full bodied flavor. In fact, I like the coffee better than our old unit.

    It also makes the coffee very fast and with it’s reusable filter, I won’t have to waste money on filters anymore! It is easy to use with simple buttons, and even allows you to brew a stronger pot of coffee.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for this feedback on the Shardor coffee maker! I’m happy to hear it’s working well for you, and that it actually successfully replaced a more expensive machine – that’s awesome!

      I do have a question for you – you said the the machine was on the light-weight side – what do you mean by that? Does it affect the product, or just feel more like it might be more prone to breaking?

      Thanks again for the comment!

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