Bean Box Review

Coffee subscription services are services that regularly deliver fresh coffee right to your door. They’re pretty amazing!

The thing is, how do you know which one to choose from? Which ones have the best coffee, the best prices, the most personalization? Which ones are worth subscribing to, and which ones are better skipped?

I’ve resolved to find these answers. I’m trying all of the coffee subscription services I can find and I’m sharing my reviews with you, to make it easier to find the subscription service that’s perfect for you.

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Recommended Drip Coffee Makers

Since there’s no end in sight for the pandemic and many of us are still working from home, we’re making and drinking our own coffee more than ever before.

If you don’t already own a coffee maker, but you love coffee, I definitely recommend investing in either a drip coffee maker, a french press, or a pour-over, depending on how much coffee you drink every day. Investing in a coffee maker and making your own coffee at home will save you a lot of time and money that you otherwise would have spent buying already-made coffee our. Plus, reusing your own cups is much better for the environment than using a disposable cup – or multiple – every day.

I personally own all three: a french press, a drip coffee maker, and two cheap pour-overs. However, my default go-to maker (especially during the work week) is definitely my drip coffee maker, for two main reasons: its 12-cup capacity, and the programmable feature it offers that allows me to prepare my machine the night before and set it so that my coffee auto-brews in the morning, letting me wake up to a fresh pot of hot coffee every morning.

I see a lot of half-pot or 5-cup coffee makers on the market, but I am not recommending any of them here today because I personally don’t understand the appeal these mini-machines have. They make smaller pots of coffee, but the machines are often just as expensive as (or barely cheaper than) 12-cup coffee pots. You also don’t need to make the full 12-cup pot on coffee makers with that capacity – any decent 12-cup drip coffee maker should have clear measurements that make it easy to make 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cup pots. Even if I didn’t find it easy to get through a whole 12-cup pot myself, I’d always prefer having the option to make more coffee, especially for when/if I’m hosting guests.

Below, I will list, rate, and review my top drip coffee maker recommendations, starting with my most-highly recommended coffee maker. It’s from Black & Decker, and it’s the coffee maker I own and use regularly myself. Continue reading “Recommended Drip Coffee Makers”

How to Make Coffee

Let’s go back to basics for a minute and focus on one simple question: How do you make coffee?

I’ve seen this question come up on a few question boards, and it occurred to me that the answer isn’t necessarily as simple as one might think. There are, after all, countless ways to make this ancient drink, and it exists in a quite a variety of forms.

This is what lead me to the decision to write this article as a guide explaining what making coffee-making entails, and what the most common brewing methods are. Continue reading “How to Make Coffee”

Ninja Coffee Bar System Review: Is it worth the money?

If you’ve considered upgrading your coffee maker to an ultimate specialty coffee maker, then you’ve undoubtedly come across the various Ninja coffee bar systems on the market. Today I’m reviewing the behemoth of coffee bars – the Ninja Specialty Coffee Bar; the old version, priced on Amazon at $320, and it’s updated version, priced much more reasonably at $149.99 – to help you decide if this really worth what it’s priced at. Continue reading “Ninja Coffee Bar System Review: Is it worth the money?”

The Best French Press Coffee Makers

Whether you’ve decided to switch up your coffee-brewing routine and try a french press yourself, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a coffee-lover in your life, searching through the myriad of product options available and figuring out which french press you should purchase can be tough.

As an enthusiastic consumer of coffee, I’ve owned two french presses myself, and I’ve enjoyed coffee brewed in french presses at a variety of restaurants and cafes. Below, I will highlight the options I’d consider if I were shopping for a new French Press. All of them are at different price points, and I’ll describe what the advantages and disadvantages of each are, so can more easily decide how much you want to spend and which product or product type is right for you.

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